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Caption only: The great race: Week of Feb. 13, 1998

Present value of $10,000 investment made January 8, 1998 minus fees and commissions. Rates reflect Wednesday close. Copyright 1998, The Meyers Report

News of rising stocks and bonds markets, and a strengthening dollar, prompted our profitable ponies to party on Presidents Day with cherry pies all around. Silver led with a stirring speech on how to stay in first with a $162 gain. OTC, a distant second, defeated the Redcoats and then captured $175 in greenbacks. Gold shone as brightly as a dollar being tossed across the Delaware, picking up $10 to stay in third. Red, white and Blue Chip posted $228 in profits, his personal best, but it was only good enough for fourth. Lipper International checked for foreign invasions - one if by land, two if by sea. His news was $74 on the plus side, as he moved to fifth. Lipper Mutual, filled with revolutionary zeal, put $124 in his powder horn, and moved to sixth. "Give me profits, or give me death," was the motto of the saver steeds, who lived to benefit. EE Bonds, Money Market and 90-Day CD posted gains of $11, $10 and $8, respectively, but dropped to seventh, eighth and ninth. Uncle Sam's favorite, 30-Year T-Bond, soared like an eagle, picking up $30 on his flight. But the fortunes of others outpaced this racer, leaving him last.