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Test infringes on freedom

The State School Board wants "home school" students to take a test, have home visits and keep a portfolio of their work. What a waste of taxpayer money and invasion of privacy.

Any abridgement of the freedom to home school in Utah eliminates the opportunity for all parents to pull their children out of the public school system. I know a fine young man from an excellent family who started sloughing classes. His parents home schooled him for the rest of the year. He learned his so-called friends were not really friends, and now he is back in school doing fine. Parents need the freedom to meet their children's needs as they see best. If a child was failing in public school and couldn't pass the test to get permission to home school, that child would be forced to stay in a bad situation. All public school children would have to be able to pass the test to make a home school child who failed attend public school. There would be lawsuits, wasted time and money.Home school is the only affordable option to public schools. Children are not all the same and should not have to all learn the same and be tested the same.

All children would be better off if parents had more control over the schools their children attend and the teachers who teach their children rather than the schools and teachers having more control over the parents and children. The state feels responsible for every child, but it shouldn't. Until the state proves it can give every child it now has a perfect education, it shouldn't be trying to test this group of students they don't have.

If parents don't speak up, the State School Board will do as it wants and we will all lose a few more of our freedoms to the wolf in sheep's clothing.

Jayna Cherry