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US WEST billing is unfair

Being a consumer of telephone utility services, I would like to complain about the billing practices of US WEST and other telephone carriers within the state.

I am billed by US WEST by the minute and not by the second. This means that I am charged unfairly for services I do not receive. As you are well aware, a 61-second phone call is billed at the same rate as a 120-second phone call, which is almost a 100 percent overbilling.If I buy 129 ounces of milk, am I charged for 256 ounces of milk (which is 2 gallons)? No.

If I exceed the 65-mph speed limit by 1 mph, am I ticketed for 130 mph? No.

If I owe $1.01, do I pay $2? No.

If I talk for 61 seconds, am I billed for 120 seconds? Yes. Who gets the 59 seconds I didn't use but was billed for? Is it resold? Shame.

The current billing practices of US WEST are wrong, despite FCC approval. How and when will this be corrected?

Each years millions of dollars of unfair costs are passed on to Utahns on private, business and government phone bills. The cost alone to Utah state government must be in the millions of dollars.

Is the lobby for US WEST so influential that obvious errors have prevailed in our state for decades? Shame on the Division of Public Utilities.

David Johnson

American Fork