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Search called off after girl is spotted walking home

A 24-hour search - that included dozens of police officers and rescue workers - ended when the "missing" 7-year-old girl was spotted walking home from a friend's house Saturday.

"She went to a friend's house for a sleepover and didn't tell anybody," said Salt Lake Police Lt. Arthur Healey. "Nobody knew where she was."The girl, Soana Fine, had never spent a night away from home until Friday night, said her mother, Mele Fine. The second-grader left for school with a bag full of Valentine's Day candy Friday morning and never came home. Her parents called police Friday night - sending officers on an intensive search.

"We get worried when kids don't come home by dark," Healey said. "We called out the detectives, the detective administrators and mobile watch. We had the fire department searching the river for her body. We had about 40 people looking I understand."

A police officer noticed Soana walking to her Glendale home from the friend's about 3 p.m. Saturday - ending the search. Officers and the girl's family held a press conference earlier Saturday asking the public to keep an eye open for her.

Reports of missing children are common, Healey said. Parents call all the time when children come home from school late or are out after dark. This case garnered so much attention because the girl was gone more than 24 hours.