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Health care isn't a right

Kudos for Charles Krauthammer's Jan. 11 article on the growing health-care crisis caused by government intrusion.

Forcing a doctor to cater to regulation and bureaucracy in the name of "the public good" will either reduce his effectiveness or cause him to find a profession that respects his ability to think.The responsibility for the suffering of countless individuals in the future due to the decay of the medical profession will rest on those who unthinkingly claim that health care is a "right," without comprehending what a right even is. As shown at health care is not a right.

Those claiming that health care is a right - usually with the excuse of being concerned about the old and the poor - are really only concerned with forcing the rest of us to let them get away with blindly following their own petty emotions.

Perhaps they don't know that their wish that everyone should have equal medical care furnished by the government means the ruin of the medical profession.

This won't change the fact that if they die while waiting for rationed, low-quality medical care, they'll be getting what they deserve. And unless we can stop them, the rest of us will unfortunately get what they deserve, too.

Shayne Wissler