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9 stranded snowmobilers are rescued in Iron County

Iron County search and rescue crews used a snowcat to retrieve a group of stranded snowmobilers Saturday night.

The nine snowmobilers became stuck when their machines bogged down on a steep slope on the Kanarra Mountain, nine miles southeast of Cedar City. Another group of snowmobilers spotted the stranded party and called 911 about 5:30 p.m., said Iron County Sheriff's Sgt. Bret Allred.Despite a blizzard, rescue crews used snowmobiles and a snowcat to get to the group. The group was from Las Vegas. The snowcat took the snowmobilers to a cabin at the rim of the canyon, police said. The snowmobiles were not recovered Saturday night.

Nobody was injured and the all of the snowmobilers were safe in the cabin by 9 p.m.