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`Cause Celeb' uses stars to save the Earth

Butt-kickin', karate-choppin', ponytail-wearin', monosyllabic-dialogue-gruntin' actor Steven Seagal doesn't seem the sensitive sort to enlighten the public on the benefits of recycling.

But when the California Department of Conservation needed a celebrity to bring attention to its recycling campaign, a green light went off in the head of public relations entrepreneur Stuart Greenbaum.Seagal, it seems, has long championed environmentalcauses, as fans of "On Deadly Ground," a movie combining the unlikely elements of martial-arts action and a pro-green message, are quite aware.

So Greenbaum hooked up the agency and the star. The result? Seagal hosted the department's annual Earth Day Conservation Fair in Sacramento, drawing some 50,000 people to the steps of the State Capitol.

Buoyed by that success and a host of others, Greenbaum has launched Cause Celeb, a specialty division of Greenbaum Public Relations dedicated to matching causes with celebrities.

Cause Celeb serves two purposes, according to Greenbaum: It finds faces for organizations without the resources or know-how to make those connections on their own, and it helps celebrities wade through requests from nonprofits.