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GOP senator calls Starr a poor choice for probe

A Republican senator said Sunday the Monica Lewinsky investigation should have been handled by someone other than Kenneth Starr, because too many Americans "think he's out to get the president."

A Democratic senator said Starr's ethics should be investigated in Congress."I think it would have been smarter had the attorney general, looking at the many years of Starr's involvement and the public perception, which is adverse to Starr . . . , let someone else come in," Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., said.

"Many people think he's out to get the president, and you have this adverse public reaction to Starr," added Specter, appearing on "Fox News Sunday."

Specter's comments came as Lewinsky's lawyer, William Ginsburg, continued harsh criticism of Starr for alleged leaks of information to the news media in the investigation of an alleged presidential affair. The latest revelation: Lewinsky's supposed e-mails to friend Linda Tripp mentioning Lewinsky's unnamed boyfriend, whom she referred to as "the Big Creep," and his wife "Babba."

"All of this goes to this campaign of leaks," Ginsburg said on CNN's "Late Edition." "This particular investigative group under Mr. Starr has managed to trample, and I mean totally trample, on Ms. Lewinsky's 4th, 5th, 6th and 14th Amendment rights" and the e-mails are "just more of the same."

"It is a complete and total destruction of her constitutional rights," added Ginsburg.

Newsweek said that in a Feb. 19, 1997, e-mail, Lewinsky wrote that "the Big Creep didn't even try to call me on V-day (Valentine's Day)." Lewinsky also refers to "the Big Creep's wife," calling her "Babba." On March 5, 1997, Lewinsky e-mails Tripp, saying that Clinton "should (if Betty is nice) get my tie today."

On CNN, Ginsburg said that "I'd like to cross-examine Linda Tripp on how she happened to have . . . e-mail and who in fact really did create that mail. I doubt very much that it was Monica Lewinsky."

Ginsburg said that leaks of information to the press such as e-mail are "a complete and total destruction" of Lewinsky's constitutional rights.