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Thai orangutans are together again

Mike and Susu, a celebrity couple in Thailand who had been separated for a year, were reunited on Valentine's Day in a new home.

The orangutans, whose nearly human "marriage" drew a nationwide television audience in 1996, were moved to separate quarters in January 1997 after Susu gave birth to a son.Mike was jealous of the attention showered on the infant, and his handlers at the Lop Buri Zoo, 70 miles north of Bangkok, feared he would harm the baby.

The Nation newspaper reported Sunday that Mike had regained his equilibrium and moved with his family to a $30,000 ape house at the zoo.

Last year, when Mike was deprived of conjugal visits with Susu, a debate flared over whether he should be allowed a mia noy, or minor wife - the Thai term for mistress.