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Handguns are too available

A handgun represents a tremendous amount of power and authority. Our state Legislature has liberalized the law governing concealed weapons, making it possible for virtually anyone of age without a criminal record to gain a permit that allows the bearer of deadly force to be judge, jury and executioner in a moment of crisis. (Of course, not without consequences.)

By so doing, the Legislature is saying that any person who feels threatened or in need of more power to handle any and all situations may now obtain and carry an open death warrant to settle perceived threats as determined by that individual.If that is the prevailing mentality, is it any wonder the immature minds of youths turn to guns to empower themselves and settle disputes? The behavior of youths is a reflection of the adult population.

We have more deaths by handguns per capita in the United States than all of the rest of the civilized world. What does that say for our civility and Christian ethics?

Gene Faux