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Blazers-Raptors trade is in technicality limbo

Kenny Anderson didn't show up in Toronto. Damon Stoudamire did in Portland, but wasn't allowed to play.

Nothing like a nice, tidy trade with no complications.The Trail Blazers, who traded Anderson, Alvin Williams and Gary Trent to Toronto in the deal, could not play Stoudamire Sunday night against Denver. They were waiting for Williams and Trent to pass physicals for the Raptors.

There's more.

Anderson, who had vowed not to play for Toronto if traded there, did not show up for the Raptors' 116-95 loss to the Miami Heat. The Toronto Star reported today that Toronto had a stipulation that the trade was not contingent on Anderson passing a physical or even reporting to them.

Raptors general manager Glen Grunwald did not rule out making another deal to move Anderson before Thursday's trade deadline. Anderson's agent, David Falk, is trying to broker deals with New York, Orlando and Boston, ESPN reported Sunday night.

"We've looked at a lot of things, but I can't tell you if anything is going to happen," Grunwald said.

Under NBA rules, none of the participants in the trade can play until the players have passed a physical with their new teams. Trent and Williams were both scheduled to have MRI exams today.

As for Anderson, the Raptors could fine or suspend him for failing to report by the 48-hour post-trade deadline. Grunwald did not indicate if he planned to do this.

"I spoke to him (Saturday) and told him about the situation here and he had very little to say at that time," Grunwald said. "I explained to him how much we liked him as a player and how much we'd like him to be part of our future here.

"We've got a young group of talented guys who play hard every night, we've got a new coach who's going to work with these guys and help them develop. We'd like him to be part of the future here with the new stadium, new ownership. We think it would be a great situation here for him."

What was Anderson's response?

"He listened," Grunwald said.

Fans who turned out Sunday night to see Stoudamire, a Portland native, were disappointed to find out that he could only watch the game. Stoudamire, guard Walt Williams and center Carlos Rogers sat out the Blazers' 117-82 rout of the Nuggets.

Toronto also received two first-round draft picks from the Trail Blazers in the deal. Hours after the trade, Toronto coach Darrell Walker resigned.

"Basically, we did everything we had to do, and they haven't done that," said Jim Paxson, the Blazers' director of player personnel. "All the terms have to be met before it's official."