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Lawmakers have hands full with scores of bills and resolutions

Here is a list of bills filed and passed by the Utah Legislature on Wednesday:

House bills

HB32 (Tanner) - Requires manufacturers to disclose the contents of tobacco products distributed within the state.

HB127 (Arrington) - Amends employer contributions to some employees' retirement benefits.

HB144 (Iverson) - Modifies the Constitutional Defense Council's membership, meeting requirements and duties.

HB355 (Harper) - Gives voters the option of seeking municipal annexation.

HB360 (Fox-Finlinson) - Imposes a tourism, recreation, cultural, and convention tax by counties on short-term leases and rentals of cars.

HB386 (Bigelow) - Provides a process to handle residents affected by school district boundary adjustment due to a city's annexation.

HB390 (Ure) - Requires parental or guardian consent in the body piercing of minors.

HB392 (Hogue) - Requires that middle and high schools teach American Sign Language as a foreign language.

HB394 (Curtis) - Provides guidelines for the juvenile court to place a minor under state supervision.

HB404 (Barth) - Creates a fund through state taxes paid on cigarettes for a tobacco prevention and control campaign targeted toward children.

HB405 (Carlson) - Calls for an election on the issue of adding fluorine to a public water supply.

HB409 (Swallow) - Modifies the government records access and management act regarding the disclosure of some medical records.

HB414 (Way) - Pays for legal services used by the Utah Association of Counties to oppose designation of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.

HJR3 (Way) - Proposes amending state constitution to require voter approval on certain income, sales and property tax changes.

HJR14 (Barth) - Opposes the use of state or federal funds for road improvements to Snowbasin ski resort.

HCR11 (Evans) - Supports Envirotech Inc.'s desire to operate a commercial nonhazardous industrial waste disposal facility.

Senate bills

SB25 (R. Evans) - Authorizes the Utah Highway Patrol superintendent to administer funds for uniforms and appropriates $250,000 to the division.

SB54 (Taylor) - Provides immunity in court for nonprofit or independent volunteers.

SB62 (Stephenson) - Modifies the guidelines by which the district court reviews tax commission cases.

SB90 (R. Evans) - Creates a mandatory jail term for assaulting a peace officer.

SB151 (C. Peterson) - Removes maximum income limit for eligibility of disabled veteran's property tax exemption.

SB155 (Stephenson) - Provides an individual income tax credit for education costs.

SB158 (Stephenson) - Allows the Board of Regents to accept buildings that are donated to state universities.

SB182 (Stephenson) - Outlaws payroll deductions for labor organization political funds.

SB165 (Hillyard) - Modifies property tax abatement granted to low-income homeowners.

SR5 (Montgomery) - Supports a study of the need for a regional commuter system on the Wasatch front.

SCR6 (Steele) - Recognizes the state system of higher education for its development of community volunteerism programs.

Senate bills passed

SB5 (Tanner) - Allows juvenile courts to give custody of a minor to the state's Department of Human Services.

SB6 (Steele) - Amends state law dealing with uninsured motor vehicle violations and penalties.

SB27 (Blackham) - Revises the required duties of physician assistants.

SB73 (Blackham) - Establishes rules and regulations under which beer may be distributed.

SB79 (Muhlestein) - Amends state law relating to elections.

SB82 (Hillyard) - Amends state law relating to real estate to allow the recording and incorporation by reference of master trust or mortgage deeds.

SB85 (Stephenson) - Reauthorizes rules of state agencies.

SCR1 (Suazo) - Expresses support for additional appropriations to the Olene Walker Housing Trust Fund.

SB87 (Stephenson) - Prohibits the attempted purchase of tobacco by children.

SB96 (Holmgren) - Amends penalties for violations to the state's Safe Drinking Water Act.

House Bills passed

HB49 (Holladay) - Authorizes criminal penalties for abusing or interrupting emergency telephone services.

HB252 (Ure) - Grants rulemaking authority to the state Water Quality Board to regulate irrigation systems that convey sewage treatment facility effluent.