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`Free' education shackled

"Free" education is an oxymoron. Education is not free but funded primarily through "confiscatory donations" (taxes), to quote a great American. The government in turn gives our money back to us in the form of education dollars with their stipulations for using our money. The stipulations are the promotion of federal government agendas (which are amoral) where the rights of the one far outweigh the rights of the majority.

I was disturbed by a recent article in a national newspaper that reported the mandatory teaching of kindergarten children the concept of homosexual parents as a diverse but normal lifestyle in a trend-setting East Coast school district.In a society that is so obsessed with protecting the rights of the children, where were the champions of children's rights? As a teacher of first-grade children, my students are more interested in adding, reading, what's for school lunch and who they are going to play with at recess. In 15 years of teaching, the subject of same-sex marriage has never come up.

By allowing an amoral government to dictate the curriculum in exchange for receiving back our money, whether by choice or apathy, we are reaping its consequences. We have allowed the government to take away our freedom.

We have a national religion, and it is not theology but atheism. The supposed advocates of separating church and state have been so successful in purging God, morality and conscience from our educational system that they have created the state religion of atheism. It is funded by our tax dollars.

Our history books have been watered down and politically corrected to teach such things as Columbus ruining the Americas with his European ways and the Pilgrims coming here for economic opportunity (heaven forbid they would come here for religious freedom). How arrogant and presumptuous of modern historians to rewrite people's personal histories to fit their amoral agenda. How sad that we have allowed it.

We are allowing ourselves to be disunified by our apathies. Have we failed to remember that a country divided is easily conquered?

Heidi M. Bailey