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Big families pay fair share

In the Deseret News Forum article by Jay M. Cox, dated Jan. 24, he states that the large families here in Utah need to "pay their fair share to educate them."

He must think there is a free education. There is no such thing. He received his education through the public education system and maybe college, too. If he thinks he has paid for his education through taxes, he is wrong.At about $400 a year that we pay in school taxes, he will never pay the cost. Someone else paid for his education. All the money he pays in school taxes just pays back tax money that someone paid for him.

Larger families share the cost to pay for education. The proposed "head tax" that Mr. Cox advocates, would not even put a small dent in the cost of public education.

If he is really interested in cutting the cost of public education, he should work on cutting the layer upon layer of personnel in the educational bureaucracy.

Small or large families are doing no more or no less than paying for their own education when they pay their educational taxes.

For his information, I am not part of the education system or any other bureaucracy. Like Mr. Cox, I also dislike paying taxes. Everyone, please get off this kick that large families do not pay their fair share of taxes, because they do.

Richard W. Hanley

Salt Lake City