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Liberal bashing isn't new

George F. Will, in his column "Liberal mentality ruminated," (Jan. 22) pans the New York Times and Time magazine for placing Fidel Castro on an equal plane with Pope John Paul II, and he cites this as evidence of the "liberal mentality." I agree with Will that on the moral plane, Fidel Castro is far below Pope John Paul II, but then so is Will. As for the alleged "liberal mentality," the statements from two publications, possibly taken out of context, is pretty slim evidence, being only the opinions of those two publishers. What Will is doing is something Republicans have been doing for years: liberal bashing. This is not honest. It is slander. I'm not saying this reveals Republican mentality.

Democrats have never bashed conservatives. As a matter of fact, I respect an honest conservative - I just haven't seen any lately.Leon Johnson

Salt Lake City