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South Korea

SEOUL - U.S. Commerce Secretary William M. Daley warned South Korea against flooding the United States with exports or using unfair trade practices to solve its currency and debt problems.


JAKARTA - President Su-harto dismissed the governor of the central bank amid Indonesia's worst economic crisis in 30 years, while security forces struggled to keep a lid on social unrest prompted by soaring inflation and unemployment.


MOSCOW - Alexander Lebed, a tough-talking ex-army general and former national security chief, officially declared that he would run for governor of a Siberian province.


MANILA - Filipino women forced into sexual slavery for Japan's troops during World War II urged Japanese royals to help them obtain official government compensation.


DUBLIN - Supporters of the IRA-allied Sinn Fein party protested efforts to banish the party from Northern Ireland's peace talks in response to killings blamed on the Irish Republican Army.


MEXICO CITY - Five Australian women have disappeared in Mexico and may have been kidnapped by bandits disguised as police, newspapers and officials said.


BANGKOK - Some 30,000 illegal foreign workers, mostly from Burma, have been repatriated in the past three months as the country grapples with an economic crisis and growing unemployment, officials said.


BEIJING - Thirty Chinese seamen are feared dead after their ship sank in the South China Sea earlier this month.


BONN - Controversial German writer Ernst Juenger died Tuesday at age 102. Juenger was branded a Nazi apologist, warmonger, mystic and master stylist during long career.


PARIS - Riot police used tear gas against bands of youths who looted shops on the French Caribbean island of Martinique overnight, France-2 television reported.


LUSAKA - The government said it would charge former President Kenneth Kaunda with treason on the ground that he had concealed his part in last October's failed coup.


OSLO - A man out for a stroll on a small Norwegian island spotted a bag floating near the shore, pulled it in and made the country's largest-ever cocaine haul. The padlocked bag contained 72 pounds of cocaine with an estimated value of $7.5 million.


TOKYO - The military defused a 264-pound World War II bomb after evacuating 1,500 people from Ebina, 28 miles southwest of Tokyo.


CAIRO - Authorities hanged four Muslim militants in a Cairo prison for offenses that included killing a police officer and attacking banks.


ALMATY - Economic pressures and poor quality of life are damaging the reproductive health of Kazakhstan's women, a health official said.


SALONIKA - Farmers in central and northern Greece ended a two-week protest after failing to rally support from political parties and unions.