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Caray problem still puzzles doctors

Doctors are testing Chicago Cubs announcer Harry Caray's heart to determine what caused it to suddenly change rhythm.

The announcer, 78, remained in critical but stable condition Monday night at Eisenhower Medical Center. His condition has not changed since he was admitted Saturday night after falling at the Basin Street West nightclub, where he was dining with his wife, Dutchie."A sudden change in heart rhythm which seriously affected his circulation" caused the Hall of Fame broadcaster to collapse, family spokesman Bill Wills said. Harry Caray has been unconscious and breathing with the help of a ventilator since being admitted to the hospital, he said.

Doctors were unsure what caused the problem but have ruled out another stroke, Wills said. Harry Caray had a stroke in 1987.

Dutchie Caray told a Chicago radio station that her husband fell when leaning on a table that gave way.