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Clinton-Lewinsky matter is `complicated,' aide says

As a grand jury investigation in the Monica Lewinsky case resumes, the president's chief spokesman is quoted saying President Clinton's relationship with the former White House intern may turn out to be a "very complicated story."

"Maybe there'll be a simple, innocent explanation" in the Lewinsky matter. "I don't think so, because I think we would have offered that up already," spokesman Mike McCurry told the Chicago Tribune.McCurry has said previously he does not know details of the Lewinsky matter. Tuesday, he refused to discuss his comments to the newspaper. "That's a long story, long interview and I think you get the point if you read the story," he said. "I'm not going to elaborate on it."

Lewis Fox, a retired uniformed Secret Service officer, spent about two hour before the federal grand jury Tuesday investigating the matter. Under an agreement reached last week between prosecutors and the government, investigators are barred from asking Fox questions that could impede the ability of the Secret Service to protect the president.

Fox's lawyer, Michael Leibig, said his client was guarding the Oval Office on a fall afternoon in 1995 when Lewinsky went in. Appearing on ABC's "Good Morning America," Leibig said Fox "didn't see anyone else at the time" with Clinton and Lewinsky but that Fox "didn't see all the exits" so he doesn't know if the two were alone.