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A Valentine's Day gift for supermodel: baby boy

Australian supermodel Elle MacPherson gave birth to a healthy baby boy on Valentine's Day, her father said in Sydney on Tuesday before flying to New York to join his daughter.

Australian media reported earlier on Tuesday that MacPherson was resting in a Manhattan hotel after an uncomplicated labor last Saturday lasting just 30 minutes."She's very strong, she's very fit," Elle's father, Peter Gow, told Channel 10 television before boarding an aircraft for the United States. "It's another job of perfection. I think she's a good mum."

The baby, weighing 7.1 pounds, will be named Arpad Flynn Busson after his Swiss financier father, Arpad "Arkie" Busson, said Sydney's Daily Telegraph newspaper. The child, MacPherson's first, will be called Flynn, the newspaper reported.

Gow said he was unaware of any plans by the couple to marry. "She is very much in love. I think they'll make a wonderful couple and fantastic parents," Gow said.