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Don't allow women in ground combat

Picture, if you will, a more kind and gentle Army. An Army where a girl can get her nails done in the morning, shoot a .50-caliber machine gun in the afternoon and have a leisurely low-calorie dinner in the evening; and all this without the stress or anguish of being cursed out by a drill sergeant or having to meet challenging physical requirements.

Picture an Army where women can be as tough and mean as they want to be but where their male counterparts constantly live in fear of sexual harassment lawsuits. Picture an Army where women rise to the rank of general through gender rather than merit.Now picture an Army defeated by opposing forces; beaten back because its soldiers were second-rate both physically and tactically; because its soldiers, unaccustomed to the stresses of battle, either gave up or broke down; and because nearly half of its female soldiers couldn't throw a hand-grenade far enough to keep from blowing themselves up.

This picture is not the vision of many outstanding young women who want only to serve their country but rather the pipe-dream of modern feminists who have waged an all-out war on the military, seeking equality, inclusion and even vengeance.

They want the military to conform to them even if it means destroying its defensive and battle-ready effectiveness.

Most people, especially men, have nodded in approval, fearful of being labeled sexist or chauvinistic. However, seasoned military professionals know better and are fighting to protect women from the horrors of war and America from the horrors of an inefficient military - one burdened down by silly social trends, politically correct statutes and gender-friendly quotas.

The recent feminist fantasy flick "GI Jane" only fueled this fire. Its purely hollywood-style propaganda portrayed actress Demi Moore being admitted into the super-elite Navy SEALS and performing and even surpassing her male comrades.

Honestly, if women were allowed in the SEALS, they would have to be roughly the size of an NFL defensive lineman - and then some. They would also have to have incredible stamina; the simple fact is, two-thirds of all physically capable trainees still flunk out.

The sad truth is that if, by some liberal scam, women were admitted into the SEALS, the standards would be "adjusted" (lowered), and we would lose one of the nation's greatest fighting forces; a force that has never left one of its own in foreign lands, dead or alive.

Men and women, whether we choose to acknowledge it, are not absolutely equal, especially not in a physical sense. The feminists are quite aware of this, too. You don't see them pushing for equal competition in the Olympics, do you?

In short, there is now and always has been an important place in the military for women. But despite the angry protests of some feminists, it is not in ground-combat positions.