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Millcreek man shot in leg during break-in attempt

A man was shot in the leg while three masked assailants tried to break into his house Monday night.

Paramedics transported the man to Columbia-St. Mark's Hospital, where he was in good condition, said Salt Lake County sheriff's deputy Peggy Faulkner. His name was not released Monday night.The assailants knocked on the front door of the house, 1128 E. Elgin Ave. (3000 South), about 10:30 p.m. When no one answered the door, the assailants pounded on the back door.

"They told the residents they were deputies from the sheriff's department," Faulkner said.

The homeowners thought it was some friends playing a joke. Two men live in the house, Faulkner said. The residents opened the door and quickly closed it when they saw one man pointing a shotgun at them.

The gunman took one shot through the door after it slammed shut, hitting one of the residents in the leg. No other shots were fired, Faulkner said.

The other resident called 911, Faulkner said. The perpetrators ran down the street and sped off in a car after the homeowner told them police were on the way.

Investigators weren't sure if the assailants picked the house at random, Faulkner said. The assailants were still at large Tuesday.