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Saudi mom asks hospital to keep septuplets longer

The two largest of the 5-week-old Saudi septuplets are ready to go home, their pediatrician said Tuesday - but their mom says she's not ready for them yet.

With six of her seven other children still living at home, Hasna Mohammad Humair said she'll ask the hospital to care for the infants for a little while longer."I can't handle them now. How am I going to feed, bathe and dress seven babies at once without any help?" Humair said in a telephone interview.

The babies' pediatrician said the two largest, a boy and a girl, are no longer in incubators and could go home Thursday. Two more are expected to be ready to follow next week.

"The babies are healthy and growing well. We're very pleased with the weight they've put on," said Hind Moussa, a pediatrician at the hospital in the southern city of Abha where the babies were born.