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Scouting report: Women's figure skating

Michelle Kwan

Nation: USA

Age: 17

Tidbit: Scored 15 perfect scores of 6.0 over the course4 of two performances at the U.S. Nationals last month despite skating with stress fractures in the second toe of her left foot.

Claim to fame: Reigning U.S. champion and 1996 world gold medalist.

Key to a medal: If gold medal favorite skates two clean prorgrmas, she'll be difficult to beat.

Tara Lipinski

Nation: USA

Age: 15

Tidbit: U.S. team's unofficial media ambassador in Nagano is funny, friendly and accesible.

Claim to fame: Defending world champion.

Key to a medal: Needs a perfect efford and to hit first-ever triple lutz-loop in competition.

Maria Butyrskaya

Nation: Russia

Age: 25

Tidbit: Will skate first on Wednesday - the kiss of death because her scores will establish the baseline for the rest of the competition.

Claim to fame: European champion.

Key to a medal: Spend less time criticizing Lipinski's artistry and worry more about her own.

Nicole Bobek

Nation: USA

Age: 20

Tidbit: Arrived late in Nagano after recovering from hip injury and bronchitis.

Claim to fame: 1995 U.S. champion.

Key to a medal: Take a liking to bronze. Being the third-ranked U.S. woman might just mean a medal anyway.

Surya Bonaly

Nation: France

Age: 24

Tidbit: She's a former tumbler.

Claim to fame: Five-time European champion; finished 5th and 4th in previous olympics.

Key to a medal: Learn some footwork and actually listen to the music.

Chen Lu

Nation: China

Age: 21

Tidbit: Chinese officials recalled her from training the the West in 1996.

Claim to fame: Bronze medalist in the 1994 Lillehammer Games; world champion in 1995 and silver medalist in '96

Key to a medal: Regain confidence after suffering a stress fracture in her right foot.