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Death: Evan D. Wimber

Evan D. Wimber, died February 14, 1998. He was 75.

Evan was born October 19, 1922 in Storrs, Utah, a son of Milven Wimber and Elizabeth Brace Wimber. He married Marie Browning Hewlett, September 11, 1954. Evan was a member of the LDS Church and a High Priest in the Monument Park Second Ward. At the age of 5, Evan contracted polio, which he never allowed to slow him down. One year later his father died in a fire. Evan graduated from Springville High and had a degree in Speech from BYU. He was a 35 year Veteran of United Airlines.He is survived by his wife, Marie; two sons, Charles Browning Hewlett and David Browning Wimber; four grandchildren. Also survived by one sister, Joy Marcusen, of Quincy, Washington; and one brother, Jay Fullmer, of Ferrin, Utah.

In accordance with his wishes there will be no funeral. Private memorial will be held at graveside. Interment in Wasatch Lawn Memorial Park. Funeral Directors Wasatch Lawn Mortuary.

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