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BRUSSELS - NATO ambassadors decided Wednesday to maintain the present level of over 30,000 peacekeeping troops in Bosnia after the mandate of the NATO-led Stabilization Force expires June 30, alliance sources said.


NAPLES - A 14-year-old boy was shot dead in Naples, the 10th victim in as many days of a bloody feud between Mafia clans.

United Arab Emirates

DUBAI - Saudi Arabia beheaded a Saudi man for fatally shooting his wife. The execution was the fourth in the conservative Islamic kingdom this year.


CHISINAU - Nationalists and communists are likely to win most seats in Moldova's parliamentary elections next month but the biggest victor could be apathy, according to an opinion survey.


GENEVA - Swiss-led balloonists have compensated a Burmese peasant for damage they have caused to his bean crop after their hot-air balloon landed in his fields earlier this month..


NAIROBI - A Kenyan doctor who removed a bean stuck in the ear of a young girl forced it back when her parents said they couldn't afford the bill, local newspapers reported.


LAGOS - Nigeria's army said that more people were being questioned over an alleged coup plot for which 26 people already face a military tribunal.


LUSAKA - Former Zambian President Kenneth Kaunda, 73, was charged in court with concealing information about last October's failed coup in the southern African country.


COTONOU - Benin's post and telecommunications un-ion said it had called a 24-hour strike for Thursday, joining a civil-service strike that has been widely followed.


JAKARTA - Bush fires continued to burn on the Indonesian part of Borneo island, with nearly 200 "hot spots" reported in the east of the island alone, government officials said.


KUALA LUMPUR - Malaysia has ruled that express and tour buses be fitted with a "black box" that will record details of their journeys after a spate of fatal accidents involving the vehicles, a minister said.


DUBLIN - The IRA's political arm, Sinn Fein, launched legal action to stop Britain throwing it out of Northern Irish peace talks.


BEIJING - The United Nations plans to help famine-stricken North Korea boost its grain output and gradually phase out food aid for the hungry nation.


SAN CRISTOBAL DE LAS CASAS - Nearly 200 human-rights observers have met with a Roman Catholic commission mediating the government-rebel dispute in the southern state of Chiapas.


LONDON - A fire on a crowded London-bound commuter train forced nearly 1,000 passengers to evacuate during rush hour, but emergency officials said no one was hurt.


MANILA - In a final bid to avoid up to 12 years in prison, former first lady Imelda Marcos asked the full Supreme Court to overturn her 1993 graft conviction.