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Layton annexes, rezones area for shopping center

The City Council has approved a 24-acre annexation request, multiple rezone request and conceptual development agreement for land on the south side of U-193 and Church Street, the first step to a major new 15-acre shopping area plus nine acres of residential growth.

At its Feb. 5 meeting, the council unanimously approved the multiple requests for the property on the city's northeast corner.Scott Carter, Layton Community Development director, said two major grocery stores are competing to be the major anchor for the retail area.

He said one store wants to build as soon as possible, while the other seems to prefer obtaining the land and then waiting for population in the area to increase.

The council's development agreement requires that a grocery start building within two years.

Carter sees the retail area as shaping up very similar to what now exists at Fairfield Road and Gordon Avenue in the Albertson's-Payless Drug Store development.

Councilman Brent Allen said he certainly doesn't disagree with some stores going in that area. He believes the residential growth to support a retail center will be there within two years.

One problem regarding the development is water. Long-time residents of the area believe there's a large sub-surface water problem there. They also wanted the council to ensure a land drain off the property was kept in good condition.

Carter said there won't be culinary water available on the annexed land until at least the end of the year. In the meantime, the builder, Landstar Development, will concentrate on putting in other area infrastructure.

Landstar also wants three acres of 8,000-square-foot residential lots and another six acres of 6,000-square-foot lots in that area.