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Taylorsville man admits running meth lab

A Taylorsville man has pleaded guilty to operating a methamphetamine lab in his mother's garage last December.

Russell Allan Dahlgren, 31, pleaded guilty to operating a clandestine lab, a first-degree felony, and engaging in a pattern of unlawful activity, a second-degree felony.In exchange for his plea, prosecutors dropped a charge of unlawful possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute, a first-degree felony. In addition, prosecutors dropped charges for a previous meth lab that police found at the same house in April.

Dahlgren had been out on bond for first-degree felony operation of a methamphetamine lab when he was arrested during the execution of a search warrant at 4724 S. 3730 West Dec. 17. During the search, prosecutors say Dahlgren admitted he had been operating the methamphetamine lab in his mother's garage for more than two years.

Dahlgren told police that he cooked an average of once a month, yielding about 29 grams of methamphetamine per cooking session. He admitted to having produced at least $55,000 worth of the drug, according to charging documents.

On April 14, police say they found Dahlgren operating a methamphetamine lab and in possession of the drug at the same house. The following month, on May 1, he was again found to be operating a methamphetamine lab in an apartment at 496 N. Catalpa St. (450 West) in Midvale, according to the charges.