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Springville passes ordinance on sex-oriented businesses

An ordinance regulating sexually oriented businesses was passed without fanfare Tuesday by the City Council.

The ordinance, patterned after one recently enacted by Provo, requires operators and employees of sexually oriented businesses to obtain licenses from the city. It governs activities of businesses such as adult theaters, bookstores, escort services and seminude dancing agencies.No one objected to the ordinance during a public hearing. The only residents who gave input said they would like the ordinance to outlaw sexually oriented businesses. Several members of the City Council echoed that feeling, and expressed their dismay at not being able to craft such an ordinance.

"We have written one that we feel is as strict as possible and that can still meet the tests of the courts," said Councilman Chris Sorensen. "I think we'll be miles ahead by getting this in place before we need it."

Springville currently has no sexually oriented businesses. However, resident Ruth Fuller told the Council that nude modeling should also be restricted by the ordinance. Art students regularly gather at a building near the Springville Art Museum to sketch nude models.

"Why can't they cover these (models) with string bikinis?" Fuller asked.

Fuller told the Council that it should restrict nude artistic modeling to the same outlying zones where it will require sexually oriented businesses to be located.

The Council did not act on her suggestion. The ordinance passed Tuesday excludes nude artistic modeling.

The Council has yet to designate which areas of the city will be available for sexually oriented businesses, although they likely will be forced to the outskirts of town.