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Clinton is bad influence

Is the national news media using President Clinton's affairs as the only reason to discuss impeachment?

Is this to keep in the background the more critical matters for impeachment such as bribery, illegal fund-raising scandals, terrorist ties, executive usurpation, Whitewater, death of Vince Foster and Ron Brown, and obstruction of justice?A United States president who promotes partial birth abortion, or any kind of abortion, and who upholds deviant, anti-family lifestyles is no standard for a Christian nation and is a bad influence for our nation's young people.

The president wants the state to take over our children by making it possible for parents to work more hours than ever, while the state would continue to teach and train our children as they now do. No praying, no mention of God or religion, of course. The children continue to learn that God is a no-no.

More parents working longer hours would of course bring Clinton more taxes to pay for all the "free" goodies he promised to everyone.

Socialism, another form of communism, is always bad.

Freedom and parental responsibility is far more precious.

R.P. Sorensen