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Man is robbed, shot in leg by 2 acquaintances in S.L.

A man was shot in the leg after being robbed by two acquaintances Wednesday night.

Police say the victim, 38, whose name was not released Wednesday, was offered a ride by two men he had previously met, said Salt Lake Police Lt. Sandra Urry."He had met them before and felt comfortable when they offered him a ride," Urry said.

The two men drove the victim from 1700 S. Main to a secluded area near 400 North and 500 West, where they demanded money, dragged him out of the car and shot him once in the leg, Urry said.

The victim made it to 555 W. 500 North, where he contacted police, and he was taken to the Salt Lake Regional Medical Center for treatment.

Police were looking for two heavy-set men in their mid-20s driving a maroon Cadillac.