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Let Goshutes have dump

I have just read the articles in the Sunday Deseret News of Jan. 25 telling of the Goshute Indians.

If Gov. Mike Leavitt was as well acquainted with the Goshute Indians and their reservation as I am, I do not think he would be so opposed to their having their spent fuel dump on their reservation near as much as he is.I have not always lived in Vernal, and I have spent time on their reservation. My family has always been friendly to the Goshute Indians. In fact the old chief and his wife adopted the name of William and Becky because they admired my grandfather and grandmother so much. Whenever they came into Cedar Fort, they always stopped at my grandfather's place, even down to my time.

Cedar Fort was built on a campground of the Goshute Indians. The Indians moved their camp about a mile north to another stream coming out of the canyons.

As I understand it, this is a safe operation and would give them a chance to earn some money, which they could make good use of. I am very much in favor of letting the Indians have their spent fuel dump.

Thayrel Cook