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Cartoon tarnished Clinton

The wife says, "What do you expect? That paper is Republican."

Maybe so, but this time that common criticism is not really appropriate.The Saturday, Jan. 24, editorial cartoon by H. Payne, on Page A10, goes too far in ridiculing a president of the United States.

That Mr. Clinton, in some journalists' minds, might be a baggy-pants clown, with his pants down around his ankles, might be understandable considering their speculative propensities; but to most U.S. citizens, the office of the president is still hallowed ground, as worldly or temporal as it might be.

With such defamations, the Deseret News also seems to be unaware of the moral sensibilities of the population it serves; which is not just LDS or Protestant or Catholic, but also of many other faiths and philosophies which treat their fellow beings with dignity.

Perhaps the Deseret News publishers should review their editorial policies to see if they really might be stumbling into the sleaze buckets of tabloid journalism.

Will Pearson

West Jordan