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Don't store N-waste in Utah

The prospects of having Utah become the dumping ground for other states' nuclear waste is terrifying to me. Never mind that the "specialists" say it's safe. If so, let them store it in their own back yard. Never mind that the proposed site is a wilderness, let's leave it that way rather than gouging Mother Earth and possibly contaminating sod, water tables, plants and animals. The cost in preparing a site, the construction of heavy-duty roads and railways, the potential for accidents along our highways or at the site, and more importantly, the chance of some unforeseen disaster that would bring pain, suffering, misery or even death to our communities should be our main concern. We must always plan for the unexpected.

If money for the Goshute Tribe is the sole consideration for the project, let's hope they rethink this. If they are in need of a community center, housing, sewer system, library or medical center, we, the public, can help. As a disaster volunteer, I've seen this type of public help in dozens of hurricane, flood and earthquake situations. There are individuals and businesses in Utah with the dollars, planning and working expertise to do the job. Let's put aside egos, ambitions, union worker requirements and get the job done. And if you put out the call for helpers, hundreds, if not thousands, of volunteers would show up with shovel, hammer and paint brush in hand to help the Goshutes help themselves. Utah is blessed with an abundance of beauty: farmland, green valleys, majestic mountains, bubbling rivers, the Great Salt Lake and pristine desert lands. Let us not mar or contaminate our state, now or for centuries to come, with nuclear waste.Marie Prince