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Clinton lacks character

One is either very gullible or very dishonest not to see reason to believe Monica Lewinsky's claim that she had an affair with the president. First, Gennifer Flowers, who the president said he didn't have an affair with in 1992, has now been vindicated. Still, inexplicably, the U.S. public isn't convinced. Second, apparently a Ms. Willey had to reject the president's advances in the Oval Office, which she has admitted in an affidavit, but the public still isn't convinced. All this makes Paula Jones' claim more believable than ever, but if the public is now convinced, it still doesn't care. The reason? Character doesn't matter.

But isn't it Clinton's character, or lack thereof, that leads him to ruin the lives of these women instead of taking a fall himself? Nothing means more to him than his political career. He will readily sacrifice these women to save himself. It is also this lack of character that has led to the FBI files illegalities, as well as the travel office disgraces and the illegal fund-raising problems.He is not the brilliant politician that so many would have us believe. A brilliant politician is not stupid enough to get himself in so many messes, but President Clinton is. Of course character matters. It's absurd to try to convince ourselves that it doesn't.

The president will continue to play us as fools, and we certainly are if we deny that which is obvious. Is the American public that stupid?

In a society where a TV show like "Ricki Lake" can prosper, anything is possible.

John H. Romney

Salt Lake City