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`Cimarron Strip' film star gets star at Walk of Fame

"Cimarron Strip" star Stuart Whitman celebrated his 70th birthday by dancing on his new star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

"This is a great day I'm not going to forget for a long, long time," Whitman said as about 50 people gathered Sunday for the unveiling of star No. 2,102 on Hollywood Boulevard.Whitman hammed it up for photographers by dancing on the star, waving and flashing the thumbs-up sign with his five grandsons.

"After 100 motion pictures, it is about time that he got to be on this sidewalk with the rest of us, where everybody walks on us and spits on us," said actress Jane Russell, who nominated Whitman.

Whitman was nominated for an Academy Award for his role in the 1961 film "The Mark." He is perhaps better known for his role as Marshal Jim Crown on the western "Cimarron Strip," which ran from 1967-1971 on CBS.