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Czech Republic

PRAGUE - Vaclav Havel, sworn in Monday for a second presidential term, pledged to work toward overcoming the "negative energy" he said threatens the Czech Republic's economic and political future.


GENEVA - Three Europeans bidding to become the first balloonists to fly round the world nonstop on Monday anxiously awaited the outcome of appeals to China to allow them to cross over its territory.


BELGRADE - At least 10 people died and scores were in serious condition after drinking illegally bottled alcohol in the central Serbian area of Nis over the weekend, Serbian media reported on Monday.

South Africa

CAPE TOWN - Hundreds of South African students staged a vigil outside their university on Monday after around 300 were arrested at the weekend for being on campus without paying overdue fees.


BUJUMBURA - Burundi rebels killed a family of five just west of the capital Bujumbura on Sunday, an army spokesman said Monday.

Sri Lanka

COLOMBO - Sri Lankan air force planes bombed Tamil Tiger rebel hideouts as soldiers on Monday cleared the northern area where more than 384 combatants died in the first major battle in more than a month.


BUENOS AIRES - Hector Eduardo Cabanillas, 84, a retired Argentine army colonel who was responsible for the military government's effort to hide the body of Eva Peron, died Friday.


BRATISLAVA - Slovak police said on Monday they had arrested four men, including at least one Colombian, after seizing 12.9 tons of marijuana in a raid near the western town of Nitra.


LONDON - The British government said on Monday it planned to introduce harsher laws against drunken driving in a bid to reduce the more than 500 alcohol-related deaths that occur annually on the country's roads.


BETHLEHEM - Palestinian police aimed their guns at Israeli troops in the West Bank town of Bethlehem on Monday during a fourth day of violent protests by Palestinian youths, witnesses said.


NEW DELHI - A senior U.S. official on Monday urged arch-foes India and Pakistan to exercise restraint in their nuclear and missile program and warned that a resumption of nuclear tests would have serious consequences.


ALGIERS - Algerian security forces killed 60 rebels south of Algiers and 17 civilians including a baby were murdered elsewhere, Algerian newspapers said Monday.


TOKYO - Twelve Japanese wives of North Koreans left Tokyo Monday after a brief visit for their first family reunion in nearly four decades.


MILAN - A packed commuter train heading to Milan derailed Monday, injuring 21 people, Italian news agencies reported.


JAKARTA - Security forces patrolled the streets of a coastal town in East Java Monday after three days of unrest and rioting over higher food prices.