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Preserve near Park City grows to twice its size

Swaner Park, a nature preserve and educational center located near Park City, has doubled in size.

The park recently acquired 231 additional acres, said Paula Swaner-Sargetakis, vice president of the Swaner Memorial Park Board of Trustees. With the new land, the park now comprises more than 500 acres of the potential 1,000 acres proposed to create the preserve.Located southeast of the Kimball Junction turnoff to Park City, the park was established in 1993 by members of the Leland Swaner family as a tribute to the late Leland Swaner. Its purpose is to support the re-establishment of wildlife and vegetation in the uplands, wetland meadows and creeks within the park boundaries.

Twenty-one acres were donated by Jack and Helen Jarman of Salt Lake City, and just over 210 acres were donated by Jim Lewis of Double M Investment, Park City.