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Donny has `dreamclub' all his own

There are fan clubs . . . then there are really serious fan clubs.

The Donny Osmond Fan Club of Europe, headed by Julie Seagroatt of London, is one of the latter.Apparently not content to just exchange newsletters and meet for occasional reunions or conventions, this club - and its president - are putting their money where their collective mouths are and spreading quite a bit of it around for airline and theater tickets, not to mention hotel rooms and meals.

According to Safia Keller, group sales manager for Magicworks, the Salt Lake-based booking agency handling ticket sales for Osmond's "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat," playing through March 7 at Kingsbury Hall, Seagroatt recently purchased 64 tickets - that's more than $4,000 worth - for the show's final performances.

"I've never heard of a fan like this," Keller said. "She's seen Donny perform in `Joseph' everywhere it's played - Toronto, Chicago, Vancouver . . . everywhere.

"She first bought tickets for the weekend of Feb. 26-28, when the show was originally going to close. Then she heard it had been extended, and she called again, buying 24 more tickets for March 7. She's bringing 30 of her friends. The group is all women, and they're leaving their husbands and children at home," Keller said.

Bruce Granath, who works with Theater League of Utah productions for Magicworks (formerly the Space Agency Concerts & Theatricals), figures that Seagroatt probably tracked down information on dates and tickets via one of the Internet Web sites.

Keller was so impressed with Seagroatt's dedication to her fan club, she sent her a CD of the score, a "Joseph" T-shirt and one of the show's full-color programs.

"Then she called me back to thank me and said no one had ever done something that nice for her before," Keller noted.

Keller wasn't sure of Seagroatt's exact plans but believes that while she had probably originally planned on seeing the closing performances, then flying right back to London, she may be staying in Salt Lake City during the production's one-week extension, then returning to Great Britain.

"She's a really sweet little lady, and she has a very British accent when she talks," Keller said.

Efforts to reach Seagroatt at her home in London were unsuccessful.