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Car dealer deflates its giant gorilla

A 20-foot tall gorilla atop Willie's Used Cars has come down, after Logan Community Development Director Eric Toll ordered the inflatable King Kong down.

As employees took the great ape down, they found someone tried to beat him to the punch. Eight blow darts, about 4 inches long, were imbedded in the side of the gorilla, said Kevin Wallin, Willie's business manager. Since the monkey was continually receiving air, the effects of the darts didn't show.Toll said he ordered the gorilla down because it violates a city ordinance. Since 1976, businesses have been allowed only one free-standing sign, and the inflatable ape was considered a sign. Previously, The lot had used an inflatable elf atop its building.

"It was up before Christmas," Toll said of the elf. "We treated it like an ornament."