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Psychotherapist to speak at `Power Parenting' conference

The eighth annual "Power Parenting" conference of The Utah Federation for Youth will be held April 27-28 at the Eccles Conference Center in Ogden.

Linda Kavelin Popov, president of the Virtues Project, will be the keynote speaker for the conference. The psychotherapist has spoken to audiences around the world about character education, the cultivation of personal and corporate values and raising morally conscious children.The project was created by Popov with her husband, Dan Popov, a clinical psychologist, and her brother, John Kavelin, a show designer with Walt Disney Imagineering. Together, they wrote "The Family Virtues Guide, Simple Ways to Bring out the Best in our Children and Ourselves."

Popov will sign copies of her book and teach a workshop at the conference. To register or for more information on the "Power Parenting" conference, call (801) 538-9836.