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Weber sheriff's office gets purple heart

The hard work and diligence of Weber County Sheriff's Office detectives has paid off in a number of closed cases and crimes solved.

It's also earned the department the National Community Service Citation for the Military Order of the Purple Heart. The award was presented last week by Larry B. Mercer, Chief of Staff of the order's Ogden Chapter. It is one of two national awards the order presents each year.In particular, the citation recognizes the detective team's efforts in the Montgomery Fur case, which led to the arrests of several animal rights terrorists, and the Leo Rising rape case, Mercer said. The department also recovered hundred of thousands of dollars in stolen property.

"They haven't done quite what a big city has done, but they don't have the staff of a big city. But they have done a tremendous job with their resources," Mercer said.

This is only the second time that a Utah law enforcement agency has received national recognition from the order. In 1972, the Ogden Police Department was cited for their work on the Hi-Fi murder case.

The order has been recognizing law enforcement agencies and officers nationwide since the 1930s, Mercer said. Originally, only those officers killed in the line of duty were honored.

"But then we recognized that there are officers out there every day who are making a difference in their communities, and we wanted to show our understanding and appreciation," Mercer said.