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2 S.L. men face charges in Dec. 31 drive-by shooting

Salt Lake County prosecutors have charged two men with attempted murder in connection with a New Year's Eve drive-by shooting.

The men are accused of shooting at a Rose Park house Dec. 31, barely missing a person inside. One of the men drove the car while the other fired four gunshots, according to charges filed in 3rd District Court Friday.At the time of the shooting, the house, 415 N. Chicago St. (980 West) was packed with party-goers. The bullets passed through a window in the living room where people were gathered, according to the documents.

The men, 32 and 33, were at the party but had been asked to leave. Before the men left, however, they vowed to return and "shoot up the house," investigators said.

The men, one from Rose Park and one from Central City, were booked into the Salt Lake County Jail. The Central City man has been released on bail.

The men each face one count of attempted murder, a second-degree felony, and one count of possession of a dangerous weapon by a restricted person, a third-degree felony.