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Kaysville says it will consider bike-path plan

A resident's suggestion to consider a bike path along two rural, westside city streets - Angel Street and Smith Lane - has been favorably received by the City Council.

Jim Smith, an Angel Street resident, approached the council on Tuesday about the possibility of installing a bike path on the two streets instead of a traditional sidewalk.He said except for a small portion of Angel Street, there's no curb, gutter or sidewalk along the streets.

"This is the time to consider it," Smith said.

Smith believes bike paths would enhance the character of the area, as well was improve safety. Maps already designate the streets for a bicycle route.

He said Sunset Lane and Burton Lane, also located west of I-15, could use similar bike paths.

Councilman Art Johnson said the portion of Angel Street where curb is currently being installed is on the west side only, so the east side would still be available for an unbroken bike path.

Stephen Whitesides, another councilman, said the idea has merit. He believes having regular sidewalk on one side of the road would still cater to walkers, while the other side could have the bike paths.

Mayor Brian Cook said the idea is worthy of more discussion.