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Bure vs. Hasek: Hockey showdown may come Sunday

What happens if the gold medal hockey final comes down to Pavel Bure vs. Dominik Hasek at the end of a shoot-out?

Those who care may have a chance to find out Sunday.Bure's bravura five-goal performance led Russia past Finland 7-4 in the Olympic semifinals Friday night, leading to a final between Russia and the Czech Republic. The Czechs beat Canada 2-1 earlier Friday as Hasek stopped five penalty shots in the shootout.

"He had three breakaways, and he scored on all of them," said Finland's Saku Koivu of Bure, the Russian captain who has spent the whole Olympic tournament bursting through the neutral zone. "He had five goals, but we made a lot of defensive mistakes, too."

Despite a staggering 13-shot night by Finland's Teemu Selanne, Russia became the only unbeaten team in the Olympics. It won its previous game with the Czechs, 2-1, by scoring two third-period goals within a 10-second span.

Bure scored the first three goals of the game. Then the Finns came back to tie it on Selanne's goal during a two-man advantage.

Russia led 4-3 when beleaguered Finnish goalie Jarmo Myllys was flat on his back and unaware of the puck's location, just behind him. The puck was also hiding behind the skate of an unsuspecting Jyrki Lumme. Russia's Alexei Zhamnov spotted it before the Finns and tapped it in.

The Finns tied it again when Selanne went through Russia's Alexei Gusarov and rushed the net. His shot rebounded off his Anaheim Mighty Ducks teammate Mikhail Shtalenkov, and Koivu converted.

But Andrei Kovalenko got the game-winner on a soft goal Myllys should have handled, and Bure got behind Teppo Numminen for the breakway that sealed it. His last goal went into an empty net.

"The goalie didn't have a good night but neither did the team," Koivu said. "We made too many defensive mistakes."