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Pact OK'd for new landfill near burn plant

The administrative board of Wasatch Energy Systems, operators of the Layton burn plant and landfill, have approved a $1.428 million contract to complete phase one its new landfill.

Among seven bidders, the board selected Ames Construction of West Valley City as the low bidder. The high bid was $1.88 million, while the engineer's estimate was $1.425 million.Work on the project, located northeast of the burn plant and adjacent to the nearly full existing landfill, will begin on April 1. The new cell will ready in July.

According to plant/landfill manager Jack Schmidt, the new landfill cell is the first of three phases.

Phase one will include eight acres. He said the next phase would be four to five years away.

He said the new landfill would be pleasing to the eye and will resemble the surrounding landscape.

"It's a well-planned structure. We're looking to the future," Schmidt said.

With the three phases, Wasatch Energy's landfill will last 35 years with existing solid waste input. If the district accepts considerable outside waste, that life span could be shortened to 20 years.

However, Wasatch Energy still has a Box Elder County landfill site available for future development.

Schmidt stressed that without the burn plant to reduce the volume of most of the solid waste to ash, the new landfill would only last seven to eight years.

Ames Construction will install special liners in the landfill that exceed federal standards, as well as build a new paved road to the site.

"It's practically an impervious system," Schmidt said. "It's overkill."