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Web site to list new homes for sale, services

The National Association of Home Builders and RealSelect Inc.have announced the development of the first national, comprehensive Web site devoted to listing new homes for sale and other products and services of home builders and remodelers.

When launched, the site will allow prospective homebuyers to find information quickly and easily on new housing subdivisions and builders. The new site will provide a database of new home developments complete with pictures, floor plans, maps and other information on each new housing development. It will also include a comprehensive and new searchable directory of the 195,000 member firms of NAHB.For more information point your Web browser to (

"This is a powerful combination," stated Stuart Wolff, chairman and CEO of Real

Select. "We know how to work effectively with trade associations to achieve success on the Internet. This new relationship with NAHB, along with our proven track will allow us to continue to provide the most comprehensive real estate information to consumers and to maintain our leadership position on the Internet."

"We are very excited about developing this site with RealSelect and ain Stuart Wolff," said NAHB President-elect Don Martin at a joint news conference at NAHB's 54th Annual Convention Exposition.

"Use of the Internet is growing very rapidly, and this new site offers our builder members a great opportunity to market their homes on the Internet."

Martin's remarks were echoed by Charley Ruma, who is NAHB first vice president.

"Stuart Wolff has the background and track record required to build and operate a first-class Web site and put NAHB at the forefront of today's rapidly emerging electronic marketplace," Ruma said.