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Austrian is one of youngest to become cardinal

The Roman Catholic Church's College of Cardinals is one of the more elite clubs in the world. For centuries, the church has drawn popes from among its ranks.

There are only 165 cardinals. And of them, only a few are considered "papabile" - or potential popes.Among them is one of the youngest men elevated Saturday to the rank of cardinal: 53-year-old Christoph Schoenborn of Vienna, the third member of his noble family to become a "prince" of the church.

A theological conservative, like the pope and most of his brother cardinals, Schoenborn is known for his unfailing courtesy, warm smile and diplomatic skills.

The pope twice last year entrusted Schoenborn, who speaks six languages, with delicate diplomatic missions: talks with Russian Orthodox leaders in Moscow and with Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew in Istanbul, Turkey.