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Gun-control laws work well

In a Feb. 16 letter to the editor titled "Handguns are too available," Gene Faux once again points out that gun-control supporters like to use inflammatory and sensational words to try to influence others without the least regard for fact. Faux says, "Any person who feels threatened or in need of more power to handle any and all situations may now obtain and carry an open death warrant. . . ." Sounds scary, but it is not true. I suggest Faux check the law governing concealed-weapons permits, self-defense use of a firearm and even the process one must go through to obtain a permit. It may surprise him that "any person" can't get a permit and that state law makes it very clear when deadly force can be used.

It's about time people like Faux realized that good, responsible people own guns. Maybe if these gun-control people would spend a little more time stopping criminals who use guns instead of trying to make criminals out of people who lawfully use guns, we would have less of a problem. What would that say about our civility and Christian ethics?Dan Canfield

Pleasant Grove