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U. letter showed ignorance

As a Ute fan, I am totally embarrassed by Christopher Evans' letter, so as someone who has watched plenty of college basketball and has refereed many games through the years, I couldn't help but comment on his position - one of ignorance.

No one will argue that the two plays in questions could have been called. The fact is they weren't. There are many plays throughout the course of a game that could be called, but for whatever reason, they aren't. Dealing with the way a game is being called is just something both teams must deal with. Unlike all of us fans, Coach Majerus and his players have been very respectable in all of this by stating that if the Utes take care of business, those two or any other calls or non-calls don't matter. We as fans, however, continue to act as if the world has ended because our team lost a basketball game. I, for one, am glad we lost at least once before post-season play begins as the pressure is off of us, unlike if we go in undefeated. The circumstances were perfect, we lose to a good ranked team playing at home.Christopher inferred that Andre Miller was or could have been seriously injured because play wasn't stopped. It was obvious he wasn't seriously hurt and oh, how we would have screamed if a potential basket would have been taken away from us because the game had been stopped. We all know that Coach Majerus is a master of showmanship and know that he told Andrew to stay down to heighten the effect of him going down.

Yes, these plays were embarrassing and unfortunate for the WAC, but let us not forget that last year, the best basketball conference of them all, the ACC led two or three games, where mistakes were made that could have had a bearing on the outcome of the game. It happens. I just wish we wouldn't continue the Utah (the state, not the school) tradition of whining. I wish we could just brush it off as the Runnin' Utes have done and taken the attitude of we'll get 'em next time.

Wayne Clark

Salt Lake City