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Logan is caring and likes computers

Logan, 11, born on April 15, 1986, likes to work with computers, play video games and read. He also has a growing collection of baseball and football cards.

Logan has a good sense of humor and communicates well when he feels safe. He's a caring, soft-hearted boy who can be delightful.As a fifth-grader, Logan does average work in a regular classroom with the help of medication for attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder. He is blind in his left eye as a result of an accident when he was 3, and he has had several years of therapy to improve his fine and gross motor skills.

Due to past abuse, Logan needs to be supervised with other kids. He needs a lot of attention and can be clingy or withdrawn when he's unsure of things or his routine has changed. However, he's made a lot of progress and is now able to meet new challenges with more self-assurance.

Logan attaches fairly easily to adults, though his new family can expect him to need special attention because he is leaving a long-term foster placement that he expected would be permanent.

He'll need consistency and clear guidelines to help him develop trust and an attachment to a new family. His social worker would like Logan to be the youngest child in a two-parent family.

Financial assistance for medical care, therapy and adoption is available.